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Scotia Consultants relies on its satisfied clients to spread the good word

Canada immigration – the smart way

Immigrating to a developed country is something that a lot of people dream about, and many seriously consider, and many even strongly pursue. Despite Bangladesh’s economic growth, that trend hasn’t seemed to have ebbed. On the contrary, people are more eager to migrate to the first world nations, evidenced by the consistent mushrooming up of what seems innumerable consultancy providing services. But not all consultancy and processing providers are made equal. When it comes to migrating to Canada from Bangladesh, few command more authority than Md Jamilur Rahim’s Scotia Consultants.

Scotia is an enlisted firm with the Canadian government that is certified provide the services, and its managing director and CEO Md Jamilur Rahim is a Standing Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This means the firm is not only qualified but endorsed by the government as a legitimate and competent provider of immigratoin consultancy. But a lot of people don’t seem to appreciate the importance of appropriate certification.

“Other than Canadian lawyers, only certified consultants, who are given the certification after qualifying in a series of exams are authorised to give legal advice to those who want to apply for citizenship,” said Dr Rahim. “You can in fact go online and look up the list of certified consultants. That way, not just anyone can claim to be a ‘consultant’ or a ‘lawyer,’ claiming outrageous fees for their dubious service,” he said. The proper way, and the safe way for applicants is to seek consultancy with those that are authorised with the Canadian Government, Md Jamilur Rahim said.

A medical doctor by training who immigrated to Canada himself, Dr Rahim built Scotia Consultants from the ground up. Years of persistent labour and good diligence has borne fruit. Scotia has come to be known as a reliable firm that has near perfect success rate.

Scotia carries a $10,00,000 liability as ‘Errors and Omissions Insurance’ to protect clients from being treated unfairly. Its investment and long track record allows it to employ reasonable fees with a refund policy in case of unsuccessful applications.

“We believe you have a right to know what your Canadian immigration representative does, to have your consultant explain the law, the process, and your options, in plain language. To be able to ask questions, and get reliable answers. To look out for your interests at all times. Since we do all the correspondence on your behalf, you are freed from the anxieties about losing important documents and deadlines,” Rahim reassures.

In addition to offices in Canada, USA and Bangladesh, the company has expanded to Europe, Asia and Australia with representatives working for the firm in Melbourne, London, Tokyo, Jeddah and Karachi.

“It is a team of highly qualified and educated people with a sound knowledge about Canadian Immigration Rules and Procedures, dedicated to fulfill your desire to make Canada your next home,” said Dr Rahim.

Rahim says he never opted for conventional PR publicity, believing satisfactory service can provide the best publicity, which is word of mouth. “We believe this is our greatest achievement – our successful and satisfied clients speak and work for us,” he said.


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