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Southeast Bank Limited (SEBL) technologically way advanced than others especially in digital platform. For the first time in Bangladesh, Southeast Bank Card Division introduced Automated Data Capturing by extracting handwritten information and converting to computer generated text from the applicant form and successfully they have disseminated the extracted data into their Central Card Management system with precise accuracy.

Southeast Cards, the card division of the bank recently deployed Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) integrated with Digitized Workflow and Hi-Tech Warehouse Management System. Southeast Bank implemented EDMS “Docudex” which renamed as “Swarm” devolved by Devnet Ltd and designed by Southeast Card Division. Swarm is a Digitized Workflow Platform where all users work together in a collaborative environment which allows them to easily track of each task processing parameters. With this Digitized Workflow they can keep track of SLA time for faster and smooth onboarding of potential clients. When a new applicant’s from gets on boarded to the workflow it also gets processed for Digital Archiving for preserving the data, virtually for lifetime!

EDMS embedded with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology which enable machines to read the handwritten information from the new applicants form and then process the data as computer generated text. After on boarding the entire applicant’s information in the form of computer data from the hard copy of applicant form, the digitized workflow prompt each new applicant’s from into an approval processing task while data from each specific task later get disseminated to their Card Management System which eradicate human engagement for data capturing without any error. The fascinating part is they are using “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) for indexing each applicant’s document with chronological method. There was a time when all new applicants’ files used to get captured by data entry process with huge human engagements which is also time consuming but now automated data capturing and digitized workflow system made the entire approval process faster, error-less and efficient without engaging vast human resources.

How your clients and your back office officials are getting benefited by your automation process? “It’s assuring the service quality from the initiating point of pre-sales to post-sales processing phase, because whenever new clients getting on boarded, their all documentations are securely archived and they can keep a track of their approval process within the SLA time” Says, Tanvirul Islam, First Assistant Vice President of Southeast bank Ltdand the project manager of Digital Workflow and Digital Archive of Southeast Bank Ltd. In other hand, management also can track every phase of approval process and easily can identify and mitigate if any exception arise.

Southeast Bank’s Card Division also working with “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA) an emerging technological advancement in tech trend! It will be used in different scenario based on use case and based on the necessity. RPA for Customer Support Service request processing via electronic medium integrated with Artificial Intelligence without any human interaction. In response to future planning, Mr. Abdus  Sabur Khan, Senior Vice President & Head of Cards of Southeast bank Ltd said: We are moving ahead with a vision as our organizational motto! We perceived the vision and heading over to an adequate resolution! Maybe one day we will be able to stop a fraud transaction even before the crime take place with the help of AI and that day is residing just in near future!

In digital connection, Southeast Bank Limited has always been pioneering and way ahead for making affirmative impact in fintech Industry, we will cover more of Southeast Bank’s upcoming tech projects to bring you the best of the best in the field of Fintech Industry.

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