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Shajgoj: A stunning e-commerce platform in Bangladesh

Shajgoj Co-founders Milky Mahmud, Sinthia Sharmin and Nazmul Sheikh

Launched in 2013 as a beauty blog, Shajgoj has now become the leading beauty content and e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. When the beauty and personal care market of Bangladesh becomes full of opportunities and is a potential gold mine to be excavated, Shajgoj since its operation as a multi-platform beauty retailing service in 2015 has been able to bring authentic beauty products within the reach of Bangladeshi consumers.

The Bangladeshi consumers of beauty and personal care products in comparison with previous decades have become more knowledgeable and demanding today and so both the local and global brands are rushing to cater to the Bangladeshi consumers’ requirements, leading to an exponentially growing market, laced with innovative products.

Shajgoj Co-Founder Sinthia Sharmin Islam told Fintech, “Content is at the core of our brand. Through publishing free beauty and wellness content, we have built deep engagement with our customers. They now feel confident buying authentic products from us. Our mission is to make women feel beautiful, confident and empowered”.

According to the BTRC data 2019, the high penetration of smartphones and easy access to the internet exist on the fingertips of 95 million Bangladeshis today that is the continual rise of beauty and personal care industry in the country. The growth and awareness amongst the consumers can be attributed to exposure to global trends, rising disposable incomes, changing lifestyles, etc. An important attribute would also be the remarkable growth of e-commerce, with online stores becoming popular shopping destinations, especially for cosmetic products.

This leading beauty platform is the best example of care and awareness. Shajgoj with 80 freelancer writers, reviewers including 60 editors, video producers and SEO specialists is dominating the e-commerce platform successfully.

Sinthia also talked about the ultimate goal of their business and said, “We want to turn Shajgoj into the trustworthy platform where children to senior citizens will get necessary help from us. Even all will get their expected products within any budget. Though it seems bit dramatic, we must reach our goal. So still we have miles to go and cross a long way. The journey has just begun.”

Note that Shajgoj has recently launched products for international brands including Hadalabo, Plum, Just for baby, Perfecta after the successful launch of L’Oréal Paris in Bangladesh last year.

Nazmul Sheikh and Milky Mahmud, also the Co-Founders of Shajgoj emphasized the importance of technology in the strategic plan of Shajgoj. Nazmul said, “Omni-channel, multi-branded beauty retailing having both an online and offline presence is gaining popularity around the world and Bangladesh is no exception. From French beauty giant Sephora to India’s Nykaa, consumers are embracing this model” while Mahmud commented, “We are investing heavily in technology, a key factor in maintaining the growth we are experiencing”.

With one of the fastest growing economies that plans to see double digit GDP growth by 2023, the beauty care market industry of Bangladesh is ready to make the vision successful and the name of ‘Shajgoj’ is the exemplified platform for this.


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