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Singer freezer keeps your perishable food safe

The food is only as clean as the freezer we store it in, but we often forget to put our freezer into a casual cleaning routine. As a result, the health of our family might be in jeopardy. In every three or four months, it is necessary to clean the freezer depending on how often we absentmindedly spill some tomato puree that we stored to use later.

Most of the time, people avoid cleaning the freezer because of all the annoyance it causes from emptying all the stored food, keeping somewhere else, cleaning itself and putting them all back in. But, following a few nifty steps, it can be surprisingly easy. All you need are – a large bucket or preferably a cooler, a good amount of ice, white vinegar, hot water, a sprayer, microfiber cloth and old soft toothbrush.

First, unplug the freezer from the power outlet, because safety is the utmost priority. Remove all food from the freezer and place it in the cooler or in the bucket with ice. Check the expiration dates of the food items, discard if necessary. In a spray bottle, pour an equal amount of hot water and vinegar to use as a cleaning solution. Spray the solution inside the freezer and scrub with a dry microfiber cloth. To perfectly clean the freezer, apply this method once or twice more. In case of stubborn grease, dip a toothbrush in hot water and gently rub off. If there is any residue, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off. To end the cleaning process, carefully wipe the inside of the freezer using a new, clean and dry microfiber cloth and make sure there is no more liquid lest in the freezer. Plug it to the electrical outlet and carefully place all the food inside. Try to avoid spilling water while placing food from the cooler.

Clean all the removable parts such as ice trays or freezer bins separately with warm water and detergent. Before replacing them, make sure all those are perfectly dry. It is advisable to use a voltage stabilizer for the safety of your freezer.

The primary purpose of a freezer is to store perishable food for a longer period. Therefore, it is important to know how to store these items in the best possible way, not only to keep them well but also to reduce food wastage. It is always a good idea to stock food in portion sizes. In this manner, you will be able to only fetch the portion you need, and won’t have to defrost and store again, which necessarily damages food nutrients. Before putting in a freezer, always cool the food at room temperature and use dry pot, box or food graded freezer bags.

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