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The Paradox of Artificial Intelligence (Part-3)

It is a common notion now-a-days that with increasing power of AI, at some points machines may rule over humans. Can that really happen? Let us have a look that how machines actually learn and act. Commonly it can be divided into some basic categories, such as: * Supervised Learning : In supervised

The Paradox of Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

What are some of the popular crazes about artificial intelligence now? Along with optimistic or ambitious expectations, there are some worrying thoughts as well. Like one day- robots will dominate the world; or human intelligence will be totally beaten by artificial intelligence. It is an obvious fact that a machine can

The Paradox of Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably one of the most common buzzwords in current age. Specially in technology related domains, now-a-days we can hardly find any arena where there is no impact or mentioning of AI. While AI is a huge area of research-development - business for relevant professionals, for most