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Bitcoin, blockchain and ICOs: Confused? We explain

David Trilling Bitcoin is no longer just for geeks in obscure corners of the internet. Today you can use the digital currency tofly to Britain,buy an apartment and enroll in theLondon Sushi Workshop. Fans like its libertarian footing, how it dodges government control and how – especially in this privacy-challenged era – it boosts anonymity. But some detractors

Blockchain: New Wave Of Digital Revolution

Blockchain” is not a widely known or used term. Those who know might have heard the word in conjunction with ‘Bitcoin’-the virtual currency bitcoin, and might think of these two words as synonymous. Actually, technology behind the record keeping of the virtual currency is known as blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto,

The Rise and Rise of Blockchain

Muhammad Nur Yanhaona, Ph.D Since the genesis of Bitcoin that ushered it, the blockchain technology has attracted widespread enthusiasm in the technology community for its revolutionary approach to decentralization of trust and security of information management. The blockchain technology has shown—for the first time—that it is possible to manage a

What are the key Tech Trends in a Post-COVID-19 World?

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and people’s life to continue as usual during pandemics. Building the necessary infrastructure to support a digitized world and stay current in the latest technology will be essential for any business or country to remain competitive in a post-COVID-19

IBCOL confers award of merit to 12 Bangladesh teams

BSS The international Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) 2020 has granted award of merit to all the 12 projects of Bangladesh teams submitted in the International Blockchain Olympiad IBCOL) 2020 competition held in Hong Kong from 3-5 July. The IBCOL in its website ( on 13 July published the names of all 12

Social credit: the dark side of blockchain

As much as I believe that blockchain technology has the potential to solve many of the problems humanity faces today, I also fear what can happen if blockchain technology is used to take away the privacy and rights of individuals, wrote technology executive and former hacker Trent Lapinski in an

It’s the FinTech Era

FinTech is becoming increasingly important. People in the developed world are already familiar with its ever growing existence. But in Bangladesh it is still quite obscure as a concept, even though we, too, benefit from it. This is a good time to get more familiar with the term FinTech and

Blockchain set to power Asian farming sector

After scanning a barcode at Indonesian coffee chain Blue Korintji Coffee, paying customers can identify the farmer who grew their coffee, the company that roasted the beans and even the logistics involved, Nikkei Asian Review reported. Powered by blockchain, modern technology’s answer to establishing trust among an otherwise unconnected group, the