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Synchrony Financial and Amazon are associating on a credit card for those who might not have good enough credit to acquire one otherwise. Amazon is paving a way to acquire its rewards credit card in the hands of more people. It permits people eventually to “graduate” to another Amazon Store card

Digital Wallet Must To Draw Customers Towards E-commerce

Without the provision of digital wallet, the e-commerce business in Bangladesh will be stagnated at some point. Pointing out that harsh truth, speakers at a seminar titled ‘Business Growth and enhancing consumer experience through Online Payment System’ said that with cash-on-delivery (COD) still dominating the e-commerce ecosystem, the true digital revolution

The history of technology,connecting money to people….

PRE-DIGITAL Life before banking went digital 1960 1st ATM The first Automated Teller Machines (ATM) or cash machines were developed in the early 1960s with the first machines being launched by the end of the decade. Banks started to become heavy investors in computer technology to automate much of the manual processing, which began


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