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2021 Cyber Security User Awareness Top Action Items

Cyber security user awareness has been a key focus and expense over the past few years. As evidenced by the Cyber Security Spend & Trends Report- that focus and expense has worked. While good work has been done, the practice must now evolve. It goes beyond user awareness. It goes beyond cyber security psychology. There

China, Indonesia to strengthen cooperation in developing cyber security capacity and technology

China and Indonesia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on developing capacity building of internet security and tech cooperation, marking the first-of-its-kind internet security agreement China signed with a foreign country. The MoU, which will provide a framework for cooperation in developing cyber security capacity and technology, is signed during Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang

Banglalink observes Cybersecurity Week 2020

Banglalink, one of the leading digital communications service providers in the country, is observing Cybersecurity Week 2020 with the theme “Do your part, #BeCybersecuritySmart”. During this week, Banglalink will share the best cybersecurity practices with its employees to make them more competent in combating cyber threats that may arise while they work from home in the

‘Ghimob’ malware may spy on 153 Android mobile apps

New 'Ghimob' Android trojan evolves from Brazil and may spread globally Image: Collected In their recent research, the security researchers have discovered a new Android banking trojan that can steal data from 153 Android applications. Named ‘Ghimob’, the trojan spies mainly through banks, fintechs, cryptocurrencies and exchanges. The threat from

Security of IT and the circle of concern of contemporary bankers

Rashedul Hasan Khan   The landlord asked the potential guard, “Do you know English?” Potential guard, “Key? Chor ki bilat thon aibo nihi?” (Why? Will the fraudster hailed from UK?) But at the present time, not just at home; in many organizations, especially in financial or equivalent institutions, it is

Spain to plough 15 billion euros into digital transformation

MADRID, (AFP/TheJakartaPost) Spain is to plough 15 billion euros of the funds it will receive from the historic European coronavirus rescue plan passed this week to drive through the country's digital transformation. "This plan will be carried out in full alignment with the objectives of the European Union," said Prime Minister