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Dear readers, Winter is coming, and so is 4G. People yearning for a little bit more of the soothing weather will watch out how high the temperature rises, and people keeping up with the news of 4G will be watching how high the bids rise. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is expected


Among many seminars held at the Softexpo in February the issue of security was clearly among the most highlighted. This has good reasons too. With the IT systems worldwide gasping to keep up with the technological advances and by extension advances in hacking mechanisms, the threat of cyber security breach

WIFI for reaching SDG 5

-Anonno Razzak Bangladesh Women in Technology (BWIT) and Bangladesh Institute of ICT Development (BIID) will jointly work to implement the flagship initiative ‘Women and ICT Frontier Initiative’ (WIFI) of UNESCAP APCICT (The United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Center for Information and Communication Technology for Development) to achieve the SDG 5

Finding ways to use Bengali for ‘Digital Bangladesh’

-Anonno Razzak Held under the title “Bengali Language in Information and Communication Technology”, the seminar on the second day of SoftExpo 2017 brought together a panel of industrial professionals to discuss the problems in and the potential of using Bengali in digital platforms. The 11th BASIS SoftExpo at Bangabandhu International Convention Centro