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Internet banking launched by Padma Bank Limited

Photo: Collected Padma Bank Limited has launched internet banking activities for its valued customers. The Internet Banking Solution titled “Padma Bank for customers, a digital platform, which will help the users to transfer their fund, information about account and card, ATM, branches locations and various customer benefit programs of the bank. The customers can also transfer their

Elderly, Disabled and Widow allowance through SureCash

The government is providing allowances to the elderly, the disabled and the widows across the country under the social safety net allowance program. And Rupali Bank SureCash is working as one of the top mobile banking services for the distribution of allowance money to these beneficiaries digitally. The government is strengthening the social security for the

BRAC Bank to provide multiple Digital banking services to PayWell

PayWell, a concern of CloudWell Limited, has signed a partnership agreement with BRAC Bank for multiple digital payment and settlement services. Sabbir Hossain, DMD and Chief Operating Officer of BRAC Bank, and Anisul Islam, Managing Director and CEO of CloudWell Limited, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.  This agreement

BRAC Bank credit cardholders also eligible for self-registration to Internet Banking services

BRAC Bank has announced to enable self-registration to its Internet Banking service by using credit cards as well. Earlier, the sign-up process was open to the bank’s debit cardholders only, the bank said in a press release. BRAC Bank customers can now avail of the Bank’s Internet Banking service by visiting and

Brett Banking

  If you want someone to tell you that the banking that you are doing now is not the ‘banking’ that you should do now- Brett King is your man. This bald headed Aussie banker-who is often regarded as the messiah of modern banking-would casually swagger in his business flannel suit and

The Digital Banking Revolution in Bangladesh

Today, information and communication technology has become the heart of banking sector and banking industry is at the heart of every robust economy. Electronic banking system has become the main technology driven revolution in conducting financial transactions. The modernization of ICT has set the stage for extraordinary improvement in banking