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Filtering and Engaging your Customers through Digital Presence

One of the most essential elements in running a business is knowing where new customers will come from. Same is the case with banks and financial institutes as well as any corporate houses for their services. Banks and other corporates often spend lots of money on sponsorship and advertising campaigns


Whether for its seating capacity or innumerable features, Toyota’s Rush provides you all the reasons to hop on board. With the seven-seat SUV scoring a glittery five-star in ASEAN NCAP’s crash test rating, the hype and buzz surrounding this model seems well-earned. Among the selling points marketed by Toyota is its

Banks show exemplary performance in disbursing agricultural loan

Specialized, state-owned and private commercial banks, including foreign commercial banks operating in the country, have already disbursed 88 per cent agriculture and non-farm rural credit in past 10 months from July to April 2017-18 financial year. The schedule banks have disbursed a total of Tk 17,952.89 crore till April while the


It seems everybody is talking about it, but in reality, it is relatively small. It is generating a huge hype, but few have the underlying fundamentals. When bitcoin first emerged back in 2009, it was described as a ‘cryptocurrency’ based on ‘blockchain’ using ‘DLT’.DLT is the generic name for various implementation


TEMI is known as an intelligent personal robot for home or your office that places you at the center of your technology. You can connect with friends or family online or via video. Or, you can even interact with your smart devices. Temi does not only act as an assistant, the


Banks, with their spic and span appearances sometimes daunt customers, especially the illiterate ones. In a bid to make things easier for them, the Bangladesh Bank (BB) in last month has issued a guideline for illiterate customers so that they can easily withdraw cash from banks through cheque. The central bank

FinTech: The Combination of Finance & Technology

The word 'FinTech' is the combination of finance and technology, technology providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology. FinTech providers are offering virtually every product category in retail banking, from payments, to wealth management, to lending. The phenomenon has been named as 'disruption' of financial system. Digital


No one can deny the convenience and importance of Wi-Fi. It’s just a convenient device, no doubt. But there remain safety concerns regarding overall health, to be frank, especially in children. A survey says it possesses a negative issue on various things from brain health to sleep quality. NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON


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