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WiFi: Beware of its potential threats

No one can deny the convenience and importance of Wi-Fi. It’s just a convenient device, no doubt. But there remain safety concerns regarding overall health, to be frank, especially in children. A survey says it possesses a negative issue on various things from brain health to sleep quality. NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON

It’s the FinTech Era

FinTech is becoming increasingly important. People in the developed world are already familiar with its ever growing existence. But in Bangladesh it is still quite obscure as a concept, even though we, too, benefit from it. This is a good time to get more familiar with the term FinTech and

Plaid brings digital API platform for banks

More individuals and businesses are turning to fintechs for financial needs due to the demand being possibly accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic. In this regard, Plaid, a financial service company of California is releasing a new solution to help banks manage and secure customers’ financial data since financial institutions (FIs) scramble to

Brex raises $150 million as business spending dwindles

The American based fintech company Brex that provides financial services for emerging businesses has recently received $150 million in funding  from a group of existing investors including DST Global and Lone Pine Capital. This fresh capital strengthens the Brex balance sheet and bolsters Brex’s standing as the leading financial services provider to technology, ecommerce, life sciences and


The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned about the potential threats of social media in young kids and teens, including cyber-bullying and "Facebook depression." Even adults are not free of them across the generations. Howsoever, while people are talking about the high admiration of social sites, dependence on them may have

‘Never invest more than you can afford’

  Steve Landman lives off the suitcase and you would have somehow gotten the vibe of his jet-pack lifestyle during the first meet. He evokes the image of the character “Ryan Bingham” from the movie “Up in the Air” and he agrees, “You got it right my friend,” said Steve with