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GDIC with WFP and Oxfam Bangladesh launches a new insurance scheme for agri laborers

Green Delta Insurance Company (GDIC) Ltd including the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Oxfam Bangladesh recently launched a new insurance scheme to protect casual agricultural laborers in Bangladesh from the ongoing floods. The ongoing flood has affected more than one million people in the South Asia, WFP press release said yesterday. Recognising

5 Reasons Why You Need a Motor Insurance

Imagine for just a moment that you didn't have your car because it was at the mechanic’s workshop due to a horrid accident. In that case, you would have to depend on friends and public transport to get to work or your desired destination, or you might have had to


As the insurance sector in Bangladesh begins to spread its wings more widely than ever before, owing to friendlier regulations and technology, local and international insurance providers vie for satisfying chunks in the pie of the emerging insurance market in Bangladesh.  Among the local providers of general insurance, Green Delta

Seamless Finance and Opportunities Fintech in Bangladesh

  I believe the way our nation is progressing and growing, where Bangladesh is transforming its conventional economy into digital economy to ensure the positive impact of inclusive growth, it’s just a matter of time to reflect in our economy where Green Delta Capital Limited can play a significant role from

Green Delta’s Agri-Insurance Provides Unique Safeguard for Farmers against Climate-related Risks

Crop insurance in Bangladesh remains a volatile area because of the country’s geographical propensity to natural disasters. This vulnerability has deterred insurance providers to stay away from this risky area, resulting in farmers having to succumb to the losses inflicted by regular cyclones and floods in the vast delta. However, Green