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Role of PKI in Chip Card Payment Security

Abdullah Al-Shamim The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is an infrastructure that includes man, machine and a set of guidelines to issue, manage, distribute and use Public Key certificates owned by the PKI entities. It also plays a significant role in authenticating a chip card by its Issuer. Two different cryptographic mechanisms are used in a payment

How local currency can revive a nation’s economy

Photo: Collected In this era of race toward economic excellence, every nation may face interlocking with a cluster of underperforming communities that hinders the expected growth. This indeed is an uphill challenge for every nation big and small to maintain a steady and competitive economic development growth in a global standard. As radical an idea as

Tokenization and how it secures the digital mobile payments

Wahid Ahmed Choudhury The payment industry saw more innovations and changes in last few years compared to all other ones combined over the decade before that. Digital payment is quite a convincing way of tapping into the potential customer segment. With rise of the digital wallets, newer channels for issuance and

The Rise and Rise of Blockchain

Muhammad Nur Yanhaona, Ph.D Since the genesis of Bitcoin that ushered it, the blockchain technology has attracted widespread enthusiasm in the technology community for its revolutionary approach to decentralization of trust and security of information management. The blockchain technology has shown—for the first time—that it is possible to manage a

Digital Security 101

The evolution and innovation of digital technology along with the rising trend of mobile devices in recent years back dropped the growing need of information security and dramatic change in data management pattern. Security is one of the predominant factors in all sectors of communication. The way we communicate regardless

In Pursuance of State of the Art Technologies to Enrich Life

Kona Software Lab Ltd is the 2nd largest R&D center and global business solution wings of KONA I. It manufactures smart card, develops various state-of-the-art payment and security solutions for global & local partners & clients. Kona Software Lab Ltd is relentlessly working to further improve its product and solutions. In