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MISL and SIBL brings digital onboarding solution

Millennium Information Solution Limited (MISL) and Social Islami Bank Ltd. (SIBL) engaged into an agreement to implement “Chinho”, the digital onboarding solution of MISL for SIBL. "Chinho” of MISL will be  providing an extremely simplified and user-friendly way of account opening for prospective clients of SIBL from anywhere and anytime using

Brett Banking

  If you want someone to tell you that the banking that you are doing now is not the ‘banking’ that you should do now- Brett King is your man. This bald headed Aussie banker-who is often regarded as the messiah of modern banking-would casually swagger in his business flannel suit and

Interoperability for Financial Inclusion in Digital Bangladesh

Digital financial inclusion for the poor is now happening nowadays but still, the consumer is facing problem on payment. While traditional microfinance and banks remain important, the potential of using new technology-based platforms to serve the poor is huge. In particular, mobile network coverage and the use of a variety


Banks, with their spic and span appearances sometimes daunt customers, especially the illiterate ones. In a bid to make things easier for them, the Bangladesh Bank (BB) in last month has issued a guideline for illiterate customers so that they can easily withdraw cash from banks through cheque. The central bank

FinTech: The Combination of Finance & Technology

The word 'FinTech' is the combination of finance and technology, technology providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology. FinTech providers are offering virtually every product category in retail banking, from payments, to wealth management, to lending. The phenomenon has been named as 'disruption' of financial system. Digital


The legal status of virtual currencies or crypto-currencies (widely known as “bitcoin”) varies substantially from country to country and is still undefined or changing in many of them. Whereas the majority of countries do not make the usage of virtual currency itself illegal, its status as money or a commodity