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From The Editor January 2019

Dear readers, The beginning of a year always inspires hope; hope of starting afresh and shaking off the old burdens. 2019 promises to open new, even unfathomable opportunities for the fintech sector at home and abroad, because it is a field driven by innovation. We feature a plethora of topics spanning from

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From The Editor November 2018

Dear readers, A lot has been happening in the IT and finance sector. Fintech as a distinct sector is perhaps not visible yet, but it can certainly be felt. Regardless of public perception, fintech as a separate field continues to emerge steadily with its own separate identity. Everything from the introduction

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From The Editor September 2018

Dear readers, Tech startups have literally changed economies across the world and have come to define how people conduct their day-to-day work. Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have become torchbearers of what it means to disrupt economic and financial ecosystem and create a paradigm shift. Following in their footsteps, there

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From The Editor August 2018

Dear readers, ‘Startup’ has been a buzzword since little tech companies started to rise like a non-toxic mushroom cloud and completely change the landscape of entrepreneurship. Technology is the great enabler and tech-based companies are now part and parcel of people’s lives. Bangladesh has jumped on the bandwagon and the high

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From The Editor July 2018

Dear readers, In the outgoing fiscal of 2017-18, we had a budget that was bigger than any other budget in Bangladesh’s history. Now we are pushing for a bigger one with higher targets in FY 2018-19 Many would agree that an 18.3 percent increase of the proposed budget is neither huge nor

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From the Editor June 2018

Dear readers, Bangladesh’s IT sector is different from other sectors. There are dreams and visions associated with it which show greater potential of realising than most other sectors at the moment. That’s why the government’s daredevil leap into the domain of satellite doesn’t feel such a leap. Concerns however exist, and

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From The Editor May 2018

Dear readers, Globalization never felt closer than it does now with incessant advancement of technology. The economic and political realities of the world prevent it from becoming a vehicle for free exchange of trade and ideas as it should be , but some good effects do reach the general public, and

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From The Editor April 2018

Dear readers, We are ready with another new issue, as another month in the Gregorian calendar has rolled into the next. Even though this is the dominant calendar, we still celebrate the start of the Bengali new year in our own calendar, which is at the middle of this month. New year

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From The Editor March 2018

Dear readers, With the International Women's Day in mind, we have designed an issue that takes a look at the prominent women innovators and entrepreneurs in the ICT, fintech and banking sector. That is not to say their work and influence do not surpass the confines of these fields, neither to suggest

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