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Anyone having experiences with computers back in the late 90s and 2000s in Bangladesh would remember the slew of problems that accompanied the nascent stage of computer security at that time. Licensed software itself was not a ready option those days, and security software more particularly was not an easily

From The Editor August 2017

To a Dhakait with a smartphone, the pre and post Uber-era is not the same. We are not assuming that all the smartphone users of the capital are indulging in pressing some virtual keys in their touch screened phones and availing a car service with a chauffeur at their doorsteps,

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Bounty Hunting To Security

AN ANIMATED CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SECURITY IN 2017 -Saqib Sarker The conference on information security, with a “spelling play” title, “SecurITy 2017: Information Security Conference”, on the final day of BASIS organized Softexpo on February 4, felt like a rock concert with over three hundred and forty audience members packing the ground