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Cybersecurity Management (Part-I)


Mahbub A AlamVP and Head of Software Operations ICT Division, Bank Asia Ltd. What is Cybersecurity? Cyber: Relating to, or involving computers or computer networks. Cyber Security: The safeguard taken to avoid or reduce any disruption from an attack on data, computers or network devices. Many definitions regarding Cybersecurity in google search: Cybersecurity entails the safeguarding of computer networks and the

GP online etiquette campaign brings light to numerous cyber issues

Internet, since its inception, has made things possible for humankind. The need for connectivity and the Internet during our new-normal days is even more imperative than ever before. However, when the Internet unleashes the opportunities at an unprecedented speed, we also see a surge of wrongdoings using the technological feat. In many cases, such

YouTube toughens rules for QAnon conspiracy content

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) Photo: Grinvalds YouTube said Thursday it was tightening rules for propagation of conspiracy theories, notably targeting the QAnon movement already limited on Twitter and Facebook. The Google-owned video-sharing service said it was expanding its policies on hate and harassment “to prohibit content that targets an individual or

US charges former Uber security chief in hack cover-up

US prosecutors on Thursday charged Uber’s former security chief with covering up a hack that compromised the personal information of 57 million users and drivers. A criminal complaint accused Joseph Sullivan of trying to hide the hack from the Federal Trade Commission. He faces a maximum sentence of eight years in prison

Thousands of Canadian government accounts hacked

AFP Thousands of user accounts for online government services in Canada were recently hacked during cyber attacks, authorities said Saturday. The attacks targeted the GCKey service, used by some 30 federal departments and Canada Revenue Agency accounts, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat explained in a press release. The passwords and usernames


Some of you might not agree with me but in my opinion, it’s been a long time since there was a true generation gap, perhaps 50 years — you have to go back to the early years of rock and roll, when old people still talked about “jungle rhythms”. Everything

Actions to be taken against vicious web contents

Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said, legal actions will be taken against illegal and immoral web contents by the government. The minister made this remark while talking to reporters at the secretariat on Wednesday over a report titled “objectionable scenes in some local web series.” He said, “Vicious or pornographic contents should not

SCSL comes up with Cybersecurity Device Box

Star Computer Systems Ltd (SCSL) comes up with SCSL-IZAPY Venture Cybersecurity Device Box for overall and comprehensive cybersecurity services as per the requirements and evaluation. Under this service, illegal penetration, evaluation of threats of attacks on security, responses to cybersecurity breaches and other security advice will be served. On vulnerability assessment