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Some of you might not agree with me but in my opinion, it’s been a long time since there was a true generation gap, perhaps 50 years — you have to go back to the early years of rock and roll, when old people still talked about “jungle rhythms”. Everything

Actions to be taken against vicious web contents

Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said, legal actions will be taken against illegal and immoral web contents by the government. The minister made this remark while talking to reporters at the secretariat on Wednesday over a report titled “objectionable scenes in some local web series.” He said, “Vicious or pornographic contents should not

SCSL comes up with Cybersecurity Device Box

Star Computer Systems Ltd (SCSL) comes up with SCSL-IZAPY Venture Cybersecurity Device Box for overall and comprehensive cybersecurity services as per the requirements and evaluation. Under this service, illegal penetration, evaluation of threats of attacks on security, responses to cybersecurity breaches and other security advice will be served. On vulnerability assessment

Blockchain: Puzzle Solved

Ali Kamran Al Zahid Blockchain’ is a computer application based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and got the attention for being behind the cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’. DLT is a recent innovation and possess characteristics to be able to emerge as a better alternative to the existing centralized record keeping technique. Distributed

Urgency of Cyber Security in Banking

Taher Ahmed Chowdhury Attack in banking sector is a prehistoric issue when thieveries happened physically but cyber attack is a modern style for financial sector like banks. It is not only cyber fraud but hacks into servers to obtain a customer’s personally identifiable information (PII). So it is necessary

Fraud Detection & Management

Prevent, detect and manage fraud across the enterprise, making smarter decisions, increasing return on capital and driving business performance are the key indicators of an organization that are thriving management. Banks are likely to become exposed to diverse frauds involving various intruders like: employees, customers and those with whom it has

E-Insurance and Its Role in business expansion

E-insurance is the use of internet and information technology to produce and distribute the insurance services. E-insurance is providing insurance coverage through an insurance policy, in which all request, proposal, contract, negotiation will be performed online. E-insurance will reduce managerial and administrative costs through the process of business automation, and

Cisco completes acquisition of duo security

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced on October 1 that it completed the acquisition of Duo Security, a privately-held company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Duo is the leading provider of unified access security and multi-factor authentication delivered through the cloud. Duo's solution verifies the identity of users and the health of


Taher Ahmed Chowdhury, the Deputy Managing Director of Islami Bank, is a 30 years experienced personality in field of IT and is therefore also the Head of Information & Communication of this bank. He has also played the role of Executive Vice President & CIO of first security of Islami Bank. Mr.


The goal of the Information security is Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are also known as CIA triad. The security people who are protecting, and the bad people who are breaking the security are actually trying to protect and break these three things. The best and easy example is a DDOS