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Urgency of Cyber Security in Banking

Taher Ahmed Chowdhury Attack in banking sector is a prehistoric issue when thieveries happened physically but cyber attack is a modern style for financial sector like banks. It is not only cyber fraud but hacks into servers to obtain a customer’s personally identifiable information (PII). So it is necessary

SME Banking: A Potential Source for Financing

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) business has emerged to accelerate country’s economic growth with the motto of alleviating poverty. SME is actually a funding provided by financial institutions in small and medium industries so that those entrepreneurs can run their own business without any crisis. It serves the person or


A report on ‘Remittance hits record in May’ published by the Daily Star recently where it says that the month of May saw a record amount of remittance flow for a single month as expatriate Bangladeshis sent $1.75 billion to ensure that their loved ones back home can celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr