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Digital investing platform for women, Ellevest, expands into banking

Sarah Perez Ellevest, a company whose focus has been on closing the gender investing gap by way of a financial planning service aimed at women, is today expanding into banking. The company this morning announced a new membership plan which encompasses one-on-one financial and career coaching, member-only workshops and guides, personalized investing plans,

Premier Bank opens sub branch for women in Narayanganj

The Premier Bank Limited has inaugurated its women sub-branch at Chowdhury Bari, Narayangonj on February 18, 2020 to provide financial services to all. This initiative has been taken for the first time ever in Bangladesh. Presided over by DMD, Narayanganj Branch Manager and Zonal Head of the Shahid Hasan Mallick, the


What the cyber-bullies or the cyber-criminals bet on is shame: in a pre-dominantly Muslim conservative society, the horror of an intimate photo leaking, or rumors being spread, is enough to buy a teenage girl’s silence. Women, specially of young age are thus overwhelmingly the victims of an alarming rise in cybercrimes