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Prospects of virtual education

Preventing the spread of COVID 19 among the students from all level, educational institutions of Bangladesh had to be declared close in mid March and so uncertainty prevailed in this sector since then. With the support of digital equipment, some universities attempted to go for online education through some difficulties. Things

Three lessons for business after pandemic panic

Mark L. Clifford The panic is past. But the pandemic is still with us. Businesses are preparing for a world in which the Covid-19 virus and other pandemic diseases are a recurring feature. What will this new landscape look like? Conversations with Asia Business Council members, who together directly employ some 3

Can software solve remote working?

Video conferencing in the age of Covid-19 If striking while the iron is hot is a good strategy for businesses, then there are few products that are more in need right now than software solutions for remote working.   While that takes no genius to figure that out, it certainly requires quite a