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TallyKhata App Digitizing Small Businesses in Bangladesh

TallyKhata, an easy-to-use mobile app for small businesses, is free and can be used without Internet. It records sale, purchase and expense transactions, helps in credit recovery, and provides profit and cash reports. The app eliminates the pains and hassles of traditional manual ledgers including incorrect entries, calculation errors and credit disputes.

TallyKhata has already been adopted by 600,000 registered users, especially micro-merchants around the country. Recently, TallyKhata released a new version with upgraded features and benefits. To mark the occasion, UNCDF and SureCash arranged a webinar titled – ‘Digital Empowerment of CMSEs for Business Growth and Post-Covid Support’.

The chief guest of the session Mr. Md. Ashadul Islam, Senior Secretary, FID, Ministry of Finance, said, “Connecting this sector digitally has become even more important during this time of pandemic. Government is proactive to work with all the partners to make this happen. We appreciate the efforts of digital platforms like TallyKhata to help these businesses grow.”

According to Dr. Lila Rashid, Executive Director, Bangladesh Bank, another panelist of the session, “A bigger portion of the small businesses are not getting adequate support from the banks. Providing necessary capital to this sector has been a challenge. But breakthroughs can be made by ensuring such digital platform services properly.”

Dr. Shahadat Khan, Chief Executive Officer, SureCash added, “Superstores use ERP software for their operations. We developed TallyKhata to bring digital benefits to small businesses – both urban and rural. This app helps businesses to digitize their accounts using a simple and easy-to-use interface.”

Brac Bank Managing Director Selim RF Hussain said, “Micro-merchants are the key driver of the economy. But to provide loans to the sector is very much costly because it is an intensive supervisory credit. So, we need digital solutions like TallyKhata to convert analog business to digital.”

TallyKhata also allows merchants to receive digital payments from customers, make payments to suppliers and transact directly with banks by attaching their own SureCash mobile banking accounts.

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