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Sometimes in a typical day when you feel too much exhausted at your corporate life, you definitely wish for a cup of coffee. Even you don’t have time or don’t want to spend money for it. So then you think you will go home and tell your wife to make a cup of coffee or even you will find your wife is not there at home. Then what would you do?

Don’t worry. That’s where the Smarter Coffee 2nd generation comes in; a connected coffee maker that features both Alexa and Google Assistant integration, allowing you to start a fresh pot from anywhere you please. With a bean hopper on top and settings for pre-ground coffee as well, the Smarter Coffee 2nd generation is ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Smarter sells the Coffee 2nd Generation through Amazon and Best Buy, making it a tad more expensive than your usual run of the mill coffee maker. A 12-pot glass carafe is included, as well as interchangeable cream color and deep red face plates for a customized look. Black face plates are already installed on the machine. A pair of manuals and a quick setup guide is also included, and the product is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Setting the dial to fine, and the brewing strength to strong can make the best coffee for your tastes, and of course changing this dial and strength will cover a wide variety of taste and bean preferences. The warming tray is planned to pre-heat the carafe so that the coffee doesn’t burn immediately upon entry, and the warming tray is set to a rather mild temperature. There’s no way to adjust the temperature here though, only the amount of time it pre-heats and keeps the coffee hot. A rather nice behavior is seeing the warming tray turn off the moment you remove the carafe, ensuring it doesn’t get overly hot and burn out. The tray turns back on by itself when the carafe is placed back in too. As this is a simple drip-type coffee maker, beans are either ground and dropped in a heap in the filter tray, or you can do this manually yourself with pre-ground beans if you so choose. This guarantees that you can get a fresh pot of coffee going when you want to, and being able to check water levels and the like in the app really provides valuable information. It’s the ability to remote start the unit that made me particularly happy, and being able to walk into the house with the smell of fresh coffee in the afternoon was really a great treat.

You can also get an app to get your coffee made. The app works on both iOS and Android, and looks identical on each OS. Upon first setup you’ll create a Smarter account, and select the WiFi network in your home to pair the coffee maker with. Setup is a little different than other connected devices, as your phone’s screen will flash in a Morse Code-like fashion, which is read by the sensor located to the left of the display on front.

This is a conducive device for a smart home. So, get ready to find your new smart coffee stuff to get rid of tiresome moment. Find your favorite coffee maker and change your old traditional thoughts on making coffee.

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