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Whether for its seating capacity or innumerable features, Toyota’s Rush provides you all the reasons to hop on board. With the seven-seat SUV scoring a glittery five-star in ASEAN NCAP’s crash test rating, the hype and buzz surrounding this model seems well-earned.

Among the selling points marketed by Toyota is its spaciousness, which it has in copious amount, with two adults seating options in the third row of the car. It provides sufficient leg room to squiggle, while the middle and front rows accommodate five more with ease.

Toyota likes to flaunt its grille, and Rush’s front bumper design looks lush and luxurious. The sturdy underguard creates a tougher and sportier feel to the front design, the integrated chrome lining across the headlamp and the inverted trapezoidal grille emphasizes a more advanced image to the vehicle. The rear, on the other hand, is lean and mean, going for a minimalist and “sporty sophistication”, as Toyota puts it. Besides, the ESS (Emergency Signal System) and ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) make this luxurious ‘Rush’ more exceptional.

The car originates from Toyota owned Daihatsu’s Terios that first came into the market in the 90s. Now paired with Toyota’s innovative technology, the vehicle now looks and drives like an all-around modern car. The ergonomics, however, doesn’t end with the interior design. The roof rail allows you to load up, if you need to.

The Rush comes with a six-speaker audio system which is equipped with a tuner, MP3 player, CD player, USB, AUX-Jack, iPod and Bluetooth compatibilities. All these controls are conveniently located within the steering switch controls area. The steering is electric powered and the driver has the option to height adjust the seat for better visibility and control. The vehicle is further enhanced by its exhaustive safety equipments, as evidenced by its high score in the ASEAN NCAP crash test. It has six SRS airbags cushioning the whole interior of the vehicle.

The Rush is powered by the same Dual VVT-i that comes with only brand-new Toyota cars.

At last but not the least, comes the icing on the cake: you can have Rush in six color options. You can choose White, Black, Silver, Red, Bronze, and Maroon, depending on how you like it.

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