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ZKTeco brings touchless temperature detection module

TDM95E is a USB Module used for Temperature Detection, applicable to both T&A and A&C devices of ZKTeco.

Coronavirus pandemic recently prompted workplaces to implement innovative forms of tracking and managing staff and visitors.

To cater to the growing demand of these products and to ensure innovative touch-less way of controlling entry-exit of staff and visitors, ZKTeco has launched the TDM95E temperature detection module that can be used in combination with regular attendance devices such as the iClock-9000G and many more.

iClock-G SeriesTime & Attendance Terminal Compatible with this temperature detection module and its suitable for schools and workplaces. The Series is developed with ZKTeco’s advanced fingerprint recognition technology. In fact, it supports multiple verification methods, including fingerprint, card, password, combinations of these methods, and standard access control functions.

The TDM95E is a small indoor device that can measure temperature ranging from 32.0°C to 42.9°C from a distance of 3cm to 5cm. It can be connected via a USB type-C connection to some of ZKTeco’s T&A and A&C devices, for example, the iClock-9000G.

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The TDM95E offers a perfect solution in cases where measuring the temperature of people is required to grant them access, especially in recent times of the coronavirus pandemic. When used together with other access control devices, the device will allow access to only those who fall under the desired temperature range and deny access to those who don’t even if facial, finger or other access are granted by the other devices.

The TDM95E also offers a handy dashboard for users to keep track of all the temperatures that has been measured.


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