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ICT Division launches online training program

Zunaid Ahmed Palak/Photo: Arif Mahmud Riad

To give a boost to internet-based working culture especially freelancing which holds huge promise, ICT Division on May 17 launched an interactive online training program to fight against uncertainties of these pandemic times.

Bangladesh has the second largest online workforce in the world with 6.5 lakh freelancers and the government wants to take the sector forward, said Palak while inaugurating the first public sector training program that will be conducted online, reports the Daily Star.

“The initiative will also help youths become self-dependent and immensely contribute to the development of the economy and under the project, the ICT division will train 40,000 youths who have passed HSC exams,” said State Minister of ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak.

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In beginning, the plan was to conduct training programs physically around the country, but the government has decided to deliver training online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The project will also help the government implement its plan to create 10 million new jobs in the ICT sector within the next five years, added the state minister.

Moreover, the ICT division, targeting mostly graphics and web designing and digital marketing, has designed a digital curriculum and selected 39 organisations to run it.

According to Palak, a total of 11,000 youths will be trained in graphics designing, 14,000 in web designing and the rest in digital marketing.

Students can choose Google Meet or Zoom to take part in the training that will run for 50 days. All the course materials will be uploaded such that anybody can access those, reports the Daily Star.

Note that Zunaid Ahmed Palak on Sunday inaugurated 200 hour virtual training on web, graphics and digital marketing in 15 districts as pilot project.

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