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Evolution of cards in Bangladesh market

The usage of cards has been gradually increasing in Bangladesh for last couple of years. We see regular usage of cards including but not limited to NID verification, Banking and what not. It can be easily forecast that the usage of cards will be increased much more in coming days as we are still in the infancy of card age. Kona I Co., Ltd is South Korean smart card industry pioneer which is the head quarter of Kona Software Lab Limited. Kona Software Lab Ltd is the 2nd largest R&D center and global business solution wings of KONA I. It manufactures smart card, develops various state-of-the-art payment and security solutions for global & local partners & clients.

Based on an internally developed COS (Chip OS), KONA is currently owns more than 40 domestic & international certificates as well as 300 different product types and supplying its product to 90 countries worldwide in more than 500 financial institutions. It is capable to develop and supply the smart card as per the customer requirements.

KONA offers various payment solutions as per the requirement of different financial institutions based on in-house technology and many years of expertise. KONA has various types of Banking cards, Health cards, Student cards and NID cards. It has three types of banking cards like IC Chip & Smart card, DO N card and Special Material card. It can produce designs in various materials such as metal, jewelry, mother-of-pearl and natural wood through consulting with manufactures and supplying of special cards for payment, transportation and public services to suit different purposes. KONA has gained trust from many global corporations and public agencies by supplying of customized smart card of the highest quality.

Kona Software Lab Ltd is working relentlessly to explore the card market in Bangladesh with its new technologies and expertise. Banks as well as other card users are also becoming more interested to explore new opportunities in card business. They are offering various types of card for their customers to enhance their customer base by innovative and secured solutions where KONA is adding direct values.

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